Keynote Speakers

Professor Rob Lindeman

Prof. Robert W. Lindeman

Title: Getting us to the Next Level in VR

Bio: Rob Lindeman has been doing research in the field of VR since 1993. His work focuses on immersive, multi-sensory feedback systems for VR, AR, and gaming, as well as natural and non-fatiguing interaction. He is Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and the Research Leader of the HIT Lab New Zealand at the University of Canterbury. Prior to that, Rob was in the CS Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and director of WPI’s Interactive Media & Game Development programme. Rob holds a BA from Brandeis University, an MS from USC, and an ScD from The George Washington University. Rob is a Senior Member of the IEEE and ACM. He is an avid geocacher, mountain biker, and skier.

Luciana Carvalho Se.

Prof. Robert W. Lindeman

Title: Starting up to Start-ups: why VR/AR industry is attracting new players.

Bio: Learner, maker, systems thinker, innovator and tech evangelist, Luciana heads Product Innovation & Brand at Beyond Digital - an award winning design, technology and ideas company with offices in London, NYC, San Francisco and Austin. She is the founder of Unfold Inclusion, a network powering women/diversity in XR in the UK, and an international speaker (TEDx, SXSW, Cannes Lions, VR World Bristol, among others) on the intersection of human-tech, the power of VR and the value of diverse minds. Passionate about VR/AR/tech for good, she carries ongoing research on the possibilities and challenges immersive tech presents to neuroscience, empathy and female empowerment.

Formerly Head of New Business at REWIND, award-winning immersive virtual, digital & physical production studio, and with 5+ years' experience in the startup world (Racefully,, UniPlaces, Macunx VR), she is also a STEM ambassador and member of Code First Girls, SheWorx, Ada’s List, Founders of the Future, Women of Wearables, Women Who Code, Blooming Founders, among others. She is also a Director and Evangelist at Realities Centre London, an incubator and academy for B2B VR/AR/MR innovation. She speaks internationally on and co-chairs the VRAR sub-group of Tech London Advocates.